Quick Connect Toolbar

A screencast demonstration the quick connect feature is available. Click here to see the video.

The Quick Connect Toolbar is provided to allow a quick and convenient method for creating one-off / impromptu terminal session connections.  

The Quick Connect Toolbar is located at the top of the Indigo application under the menu bar.  
The Quick Connect Toolbar can be turned on and off via the View menu.

Quick Connect Toolbar Anatomy

The Quick Connect Toolbar consists of the following parts:

Connection TypeA drop-down selection of the most popular connection types.
Select the desired connection type from the listing.
Connection SettingsBased on the selected connection type, a list of connection options will be displayed.
Please note that not all connection settings are available in this toolbar.
Some advanced settings and more complex configurations cannot be configured from the Quick Connect Toolbar. 
Terminal EmulationSelect a terminal emulation type if needed.
This selection will setup the default session emulation properties and apply the appropriate default session view mode.

The right arrow button can be used to launch the quick connect terminal session based on the selected connection type, connection settings, and terminal emulation settings.
If using the Quick Connect Toolbar with Telnet or SSH connection options, you can also press the ENTER key in the host address field to initiate the connection.

Quick Connect Examples

The Quick Connect Toolbar supports convenient access to the most popular connection options.

Based on the selected connection type, the Quick Connect Toolbar will display additional connection specific configuration options.

Example: Quick Connect Toolbar for Serial RS-232


Example: Quick Connect Toolbar for Telnet


Quick Connect Session Persistence

Quick Connect created session are not automatically persisted in the Session Manager.  
These are intended for impromptu terminal session connections.  Permanent sessions should be created via the Session Manager.

However, if you would like to permanently persist a quick connect created session instance, while the session window is open, click the File > Save Session As menu option.
You will be prompted with a file save dialog, enter a session name and click Save.
The session should now be available in the Session Manager