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Indigo Session User Interface Layout

The following features and user interface elements make of the Indigo session.

Session OptionsDescription
Line NumberingIf using the Standard View Mode, you can display line numbering in the left margin of the session data window.
You can enable and disable line number using the View Menu.
Session Data WindowThis is the session data window where data send and received is rendered to the screen.
You can right-click anywhere on the session data window to display the session context menu
Session ToolbarThe session toolbar is located at the bottom of the session windows by default.
(This toolbar can be relocated to the top of the session window by using the mouse cursor to grab the toolbar and drag it to the top of the session window.)
View Mode

Switch between session session view modes using the drop down selection. Or click the icon to toggle between view modes.

Prefix & Suffix

Enable and disable command prefix and suffix options using this toolbar button.

Command Bar/Buffer

You can enter instructions or command in this command bar and press the ENTER key to transmit them to the connected session.
The command bar includes a drop-down list of alternate targets to send the entered command.

For more information about the command bar, command buffer, and command send options, click here.

Session Status Icons

Terminal sessions will display any status icons in the upper right corner of the session data window when needed.
You can hover over the status icon to display a tooltip with additional information or click the icon to disable to display more options for the feature.

Data View SplitterWhen using the standard view mode, the session data window supports a split view where the data window can be divided in two regions to display different portions of the received data.
Drag the view splitter to re-size the data window regions. Drag the view splitter all the way to the top to hide the split view.  
Session Tools MenuThis toolbar button will display the advanced (tools) context session menu.
Pause Incoming DataClicking this toolbar button will toggle the pause incoming data feature.
Data FormatWhen using the standard view mode , this option will switch the data format that data bytes are being represented in on screen.

This toolbar option displays the current connection state and allows you to change the connection state.
Clicking the icon will toggle between the connected and disconnected state.
Clicking the drop-down list allow you to discretely select between: Connect, Disconnect, Reconnect, or Auto-Reconnect.

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