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Connect or Disconnect

The Connect or Disconnect option will be displayed depending on the current session connection state.

Repeat Last TransmissionRe-transmits the last command/data issued to the active session.
Selected TextOpens the selected text sub-menu.
RebootTransmits the custom reboot command sequence configured for the active session.   
The session connection will be disconnected and a based on a configured delay, the session will attempt to re-establish its connection.

Clear Session Data

Removes all data from the data window in the active session.

Clear Data Above Selected LineRemoves all data from the data window above the cursor position.
(Note: This option is only available in the Standard Terminal Mode.

Clear Command Buffer

Removes all buffered / cached commands from the command bar in the active session.

CopyCopies any selected text in the data window to the system clipboard.
Paste (to session)Pastes text from the system clipboard directly to the connected session in the active session window.
FindPrompts the user for text to search for in the session data window.  
After submitting the text query, Indigo will search for the text within the data.
Find NextAttempts to find the next occurrence of the user provided search query text. 
Find PreviousAttempts to find the previous occurrence of the user provided search query text.
Goto LinePrompts the user for a line number and then jump the cursor directly to that line number.
(Only available in Standard Terminal Mode)

Data Format

Opens the data format sub-menu.


Opens the advanced (tools) session sub-menu.