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The Session menu consists of the following options:




Opens the session connection sub-menu.

Standard Terminal Mode

Applies the standard view mode to the active session.
(Note: Do not use this view mode when attempting to connect to a session that requires terminal emulation such as VT100.)

Terminal Emulation Mode

Applies the terminal emulation view mode to the active session. Use this option for VT100, Linux, or ANSII terminal emulation.

Repeat Last TransmissionRe-transmits the last command/data issued to the active session.
Selected TextOpens the selected text sub-menu.

Clear Session Data

Removes all data from the data window in the active session.

Clear Data Above Selected LineRemoves all data from the data window above the cursor position.
(Note: This option is only available in the Standard Terminal Mode.

Clear Command Buffer

Removes all buffered / cached commands from the command bar in the active session.

Data Format

Opens the data format sub-menu.


Transmits the custom reboot command sequence configured for the active session.  
The session connection will be disconnected and a based on a configured delay, the session will attempt to re-establish its connection.

Pass Mode

Opens the pass mode configuration dialog allowing to configure and enable serial pass mode.
(Note: This option is only available when connected via serial: RS232, RS422, RS485.

Broadcast Send Commands

If this option is enabled all commands transmitted in the active session are also broadcast and transmitted to all other open sessions.

Log Data To File

Opens the session logging tool to configure and start data logging for the active session.

Local Echo

If enabled, this option will print (echo) any data commands transmitted to the data window in the active session.

Pause Incoming Data

Pauses all inbound data from the connection on the active session window.
(Note:  This option does not buffer data, while paused, any data received will be ignored.)

Transmit Break SignalTransmits a BREAK signal to the configured serial port in the active terminal session.
(Note: This option is only available when connected via serial: RS232, RS422, RS485.

Transmit Control Code

Opens the control code sub-menu. The selected control code will be transmitted to the active session.

Syntax Color Filter

Opens the syntax color filter sub-menu

Session Properties

Opens the session properties configuration user interface for the active session.