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Page: Macro Command Toolbar
Macro Command Toolbar The Macro Command Toolbar is provided for quick access to execute and/or edit command macros.  More information on macro commands can be found here. The Macro Command Toolbar can…
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Page: Quick Connect Toolbar
Quick Connect Toolbar A screencast demonstration the quick connect feature is available. Click here to see the video. The Quick Connect Toolbar is provided to allow a quick and convenient method for c…
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Page: Recent Sessions Toolbar
Recent Session Toolbar The Recent Session Toolbar is provided for quick access to re-open recently used terminal sessions. Simply click the session name from the listed recently used terminal sessions…
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Page: Session List Toolbar
Session List Toolbar The Session List Toolbar is located at the bottom of the Indigo application window and is used to display the currently open session windows.   You can click on any of the named s…
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Page: Show & Hide Toolbars
Show / Hide Toolbars All toolbars in Indigo Terminal Emulator can be displayed and hidden via the View Menu. 
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Page: Status Toolbar
Status Toolbar The Status Toolbar is located at the bottom of the Indigo application window and is used to display the session connection setting for the currently open and active session window.
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Page: Toolbars
This section describes the toolbars available in Indigo Terminal Emulator. Indigo Terminal Emulator includes a number of toolbars that bring convenience and quick access to many of the sophisticated f…
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Page: View Menu
View Menu The View menu consists of the following options: Name Description Session List Bar hides / shows the Session List toolbar Status Bar hides / shows the session Status toolbar Session Manager …
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Page: Window States Toolbar
Window States Toolbar The Windows States Toolbar is provided for quick access to restore the Indigo Terminal application window to a stored size and position on screen. More information on window stat…
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