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The Send Commands tab in the Session Properties editor tab is used to configure automated commands issues to the terminal session at the time of connection or disconnection.

Auto Send Commands

Indigo terminal sessions can be configured to automatically send a series of commands/instructions to a terminal session upon connection.
These commands are send each time the terminal session establishes a connection. 

Command SetDescription
Session Custom Commands

If this option is enabled, then this terminal session will transmit the configured custom session commands defined below.

Global CommandsIf this option is enabled, then this terminal session will also transmit the configured custom session commands defined below.
Edit Global CommandsThis option will open the global commands editor.
The global commands are a series of instruction commands defined globally that can optionally be enabled for each terminal session instance.

If both global and custom session commands are selected, the global commands will be transmitted first.

Custom Session Commands

This is a series of instruction commands that will be transmitted to the terminal session upon connection defined exclusively for this terminal sessions instance.
Each command should be listed on a separate line. 

This feature is especially useful if you need to always send some set of initialization or staging commands to the remote device/host when your connection is established.
Example include enabling logging or debugging on a particular device/host or navigating to a specific path or entering some diagnostics or development mode.   

Disconnect Command

Indigo also supports an automated disconnect send command.  You can enable this feature and define a disconnect command in the text field provided.
This may be useful if you need to transmit some logout or graceful closure instruction to the remote device/host.


If you need to send multiple disconnect commands, enable and use the multi-command syntax.


The disconnect command will only be transmitted if you invoke the disconnect function, close the terminal session, or close the Indigo application and the active connection is gracefully closed.
Indigo cannot transmit this disconnect command if the connection is disrupted due to a network/cabling issue or if the remote host/device terminates the connection due to timeout/inactivity. 



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