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Indigo includes a Pass Mode feature for serial connections (RS-232, RS-422, RS-485) whereby connecting the host computer running Indigo between two serial devices/terminals,
Indigo can intercept and display the serial communication between the two parties

Pass Mode refers to the notion that Indigo will pass (or relay) data communication between two serial connections.  

To use Pass Mode you must use two serial ports on the host computer running Indigo and connect each port to the desired endpoints.

Pass Mode Configuration

When you enable Pass Mode, the following Pass Mode Configuration editor will be displayed.

You can configure the secondary serial com port and the appropriate baud rate and communication settings.
Additionally you can inject prefix identifiers to data packets to help identify which data bytes came from which endpoint connection when bi-direction communication is present.

Click the Enable Pass Mode button when you are ready to establish the connection and start Pass Mode.

Session Status Icon

When a terminal session is enabled for Serial Pass Mode, the following status icon will be displayed. 

Pass Mode

This icon is displayed when the serial pass mode is enabled.
Click the icon to disable serial pass mode.

Session Menu

You can activate the Serial Pass Mode feature from the Session Menu.

Session Toolbar

You can activate the Serial Pass Mode feature from the session toolbar.

Session Context Menu

You can activate the Serial Pass Mode feature from the session context menu.

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