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Raw TCP Client Connection Settings

The screenshot below depicts the RAW-TCP-Client connection configuration dialog and settings.  

(For more information on other session property configuration tabs, please see Session Properties.)

The following RAW-TCP-Client configuration settings are available to properly setup your device connection and terminal session.

Auto ConnectIf this option is enabled, then the terminal session will attempt to establish a connection immediately when opened in Indigo.
RAW-TCP-Client Host

The RAW-TCP-Client server/host should be provided in this configuration field.
This entry can be an IP address, computer name, or DNS hostname.

RAW-TCP-Client Port

The RAW-TCP-Client server/host port should be used to provide the specific remote TCP port to connect to.

Raw TCP Client Connection Authentication Options

When using an RAW-TCP-Client connection, Indigo does not provide automated user authentication.

  • None