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When Indigo is installed and used all user data is persisted in a data directory.
This data directory contains the following Indigo data files:

  • Indigo Terminal Sessions 1
  • Indigo Program Preferences (user preferences)
  • Session Data Log Files
  • Command Libraries
  • Command Macros
  • Command Variables
  • Command Repeater Data
  • Custom Data Conversion Formats
  • Quick Connect Session Configuration
  • Syntax Color Files
  • Script Files
  • Web Update Log Files
  • SSH Connection Fingerprints

1 : An alternate session file directory can be configured via Indigo Program Preferences.)


The Indigo data directory is stored in the following location on the file system:

OS VersionDirectory Location
Windows XPC:\Document and Settings\All Users\Application Data\shadeBlue\Indigo
Windows 2003 ServerC:\Document and Settings\All Users\Application Data\shadeBlue\Indigo

Windows Vista

Windows 7C:\ProgramData\shadeBlue\Indigo
Windows 8C:\ProgramData\shadeBlue\Indigo
Windows 2008 ServerC:\ProgramData\shadeBlue\Indigo

The C:\ProgramData directory is hidden by default in Windows.


If you want to backup all your Indigo data, the Indigo data directory referenced above is the most important directory to backup. 


A normal Indigo application uninstall will not remove this data directory.  If you wish to permanently remove this data, then make sure Indigo is uninstalled and then manually delete this folder and all its contents.

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