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Dial Up (Modem) Connection Settings

The screenshot below depicts the Dial Up (Modem) connection settings.  

(For more information on other session property configuration tabs, please see Session Properties.)

The following Dial Up (Modem) configuration settings are available to properly setup your device connection and terminal session.

Auto ConnectIf this option is enabled, then the terminal session will attempt to establish a connection immediately when opened in Indigo.
Modem / TAPI Device

The modem with which you wish to use to establish the connection should be selected here.
The modem must support a TAPI compliant windows modem driver for Indigo to use the modem for the connection.
(Indigo enumerates the available modems at program start up. If your modem was installed after starting Indigo, you may need to restart Indigo.


You can use the RS-232 serial connection option and the Hayes modem support if you are using a Hayes-compatible modem and your modem does not have a TAPI complaint driver installed in Windows.
Please see the Serial Connection Settings for more information on the Hayes modem configuration properties. 

Dial Number

This option can be enabled if Indigo should make an outgoing call using the selected modem.
If enabled, then this field must contain the telephone number that the modem should dial.  

Listen for incoming calls

This option can be enabled if Indigo should listen for incoming calls using the selected modem.

Dial Up (Modem) Connection Authentication Options

When using a Dial Up (Modem) connection, Indigo does not provide automated user authentication.
If user authentication is required, the logon request should be prompted in the session window after the modem establishes a connection.  

  • None