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Indigo supports a command Broadcasting feature that allows you to transmit command instructions from one terminal session to all open and connected terminal session windows in Indigo simultaneously. 

First, the session from which you want to send the command instructions must be enabled for broadcasting.  Once enabled any command/data transmitted from this terminal session will also be automatically transmitted in all other open and connected terminal sessions.

Session Status Icon

When a terminal session is enabled for command broadcasting, the following status icon will be displayed in the session window.

BroadcastingThis icon is displayed when the current session is configured to broadcast all its outbound command to all open and connected terminal sessions.
Click the icon to disable command broadcasting.   

Session Menu

The Broadcasting feature can enabled/disabled from the application Session Menu.

Session Toolbar

The Broadcasting feature can enabled/disabled from the session's toolbar menu.

Session Context Menu

The Broadcasting feature can enabled/disabled from the session's right-click context menu.

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